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Interzum 2023 in Cologne strengthens OPK's position in Europe

2023-08-10 15:11

A superior user experience combined with real added value for retailers and fabricators have made OPK Europe one of the relevant players in the furniture and construction hardware segment in a short time - and throughout Europe. 

At interzum 2023 in Cologne, the we wanted to consolidate and expand its claim to be one of the quality leaders in the industry. The international stand team, with members from China, France, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands and Germany, used the days of the trade fair to talk to a large number of European customers and present both launched products and new products to a large international audience.

Innovations such as the opk Rotary, a turn-and-slide fitting that can be used to create space-saving furniture with elegantly concealed doors, were very well received by visitors and also attracted the interest of competitors, who visited the stand in large numbers. 

We has have been able to consolidate our position in Europe through interzum 2023. Everyone involved was enthusiastic about the atmosphere at the stand, which gave the whole team a positive boost that will be taken to the individual countries. It is already clear that the OPK will return to Cologne in 2025 with a larger stand and a bigger team.



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