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Detail improvements make the difference

2022-11-11 16:23

Oct. 22, 2022 / OPK Europe GmbH, the specialist for sliding door solutions in the construction and furniture segment, now offers its opk E-Space electromagnetic sliding door operator in combination with a number of innovative new features.

The OPK E-Space is an innovative magnetic drive for sliding doors. Great attention has been paid to convenient operation. It has always been possible to control the operator on request not only with a pushbutton switch, but also with a remote control, via app (iOS and Android) or contact-free with the CleanSwitch or a radar sensor. Through the app, the door control can also be adapted to the individual needs of the user.

New is, the opk E-Space Lock. An electromagnetic lock that can be deactivated by a button or the APP. Also new is the opk E-Space mini radar sensor. It complements the existing motion sensor and is a proprietary development. Another new feature is that the charging station of the opk E-Space remote control, which - like the app - offers a wide range of setting options for the system, can now be integrated into the door leaf or wall. This creates barrier-free access with maximum convenience.

The operator moves in a slim aluminum profile and features plastic rollers with ball bearings that guarantee smooth, quiet and virtually maintenance-free operation. The opk E-Space can be used in combination with wood, glass and framed doors. Appropriate fasteners are included in the scope of delivery. A new feature is the opk E-Space wall bracket, which makes installation in front of the wall particularly easy. And also new is the facing of the glass clamping shoes with an aluminum strip, which further emphasizes the detail-reduced design of the electromagnetic drive in combination with a glass door.

In the case of the opk E-Space Pocket, which was developed for installation in the wall, the running track is now reversible. The mounting profile has been fundamentally revised for this purpose.

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