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opk Cruiser 3

opk Cruiser 5 W Ceiling Mounting is a room-dividing system that can be used to create a versatile room utilisation concept.

opk Aircraft 6

opk Aircraft 6 is a sliding door fitting for sideboards or highboards with the highest demands on design and quality. The flush-fitting doors can be elegantly slid in front of each other, allowing full access to the furniture.  

opk Rotary

opk Rotary is a turn-and-slide fitting for elegant cabinet designs. With opk Rotary, doors from 15-35kg can be realised. The kit packaging makes installation quick and easy.

opk Spaceship 80 W Ceiling Mounting

opk Spaceship 80 is a sliding door system in the construction sector. Its technically advanced system makes opk Spaceship 80 suitable for ceiling, wall and pocket applications.