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2023-09-08 15:29

September 1, 2023 / OPK presents Spaceship Q, a new variant of its popular Spaceship sliding door system. The latest further development makes it easy to implement sound- and odor-retardant doors.

The OPK Spaceship sliding door system impresses with its high-quality design and sophisticated technology. As opk Spaceship Q, the sliding door fitting in combination with various door leaves - can dampen noise by up to 32 db(A), and repel odors, fumes, smoke or drafts. To do this, the door leaf only needs to be grooved at the top and bottom. A total of four high-quality seals are attached to the door leaf in the Spaceship Q. The vertical seals are the only ones on the market to be installed without door machining. The drop-down seals come from the Swiss quality manufacturer Planet.

The opk Spaceship Q features soft-closing in the opening direction for doors with a width of 800 mm or more. From this width, the door width can also be freely selected. The maximum weight per door leaf must not exceed 80 kg. In addition, the fitting does not require a visible stop post.

The opk Spaceship Q is also available as a kit variant. Under one item number, the craftsman receives everything needed for the installation of the sound- and odor-retardant sliding door. The kit contains the running technology, all required profiles, the installation accessories, the retraction damping and all seals.

The integrated height adjustment of the running track (+/- 3 mm) noticeably simplifies installation.

The German-Swiss cooperation between OPK and Planet stands for a convincing solution. Despite four seals and two pull-in dampers, the door can be moved with minimal effort and offer maximum sliding comfort.



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