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The heavy-duty sliding door system

2021-10-29 10:20

20th October 2021 / Room concepts are becoming increasingly flexible. As a consequence, room-dividing elements, such as doors made of wood or glass, are becoming larger and heavier. OPK is responding to this trend and now offers its Spaceship sliding door system in a version optimised for moving doors weighing between 80 and 160 kg - its name: opk Spaceship 160.


Like all opk Spaceship models, the opk Spaceship 160 features an innovative 2-way damper as standard, which can dampen doors as small as 760 mm wide, both when opening and closing. The individual door leaf of the wooden or glass door may weigh between 80 and 160 kg. Glass doors - in this "weight class" - must have a glass hole.


The installation is very simple. The opk Spaceship 160 is screwed under the ceiling. An integrated height adjustment (+/- 3 mm) noticeably simplifies installation. The runner rail is provided with a notch that allows the runner to be threaded in after installation or easily removed at any time for maintenance. In this way, the opk Spaceship combines maximum flexibility during installation with innovative technology for operation.



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