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"OPIKE products feature German quality standards"

2019-09-28 16:12

OPK, manufacturer of sliding door fittings, celebrated its European debut at ZOW. The Chinese company, OPK, has had a branch in Germany since October 2017.

Opike Hardware Product Co. Ltd, OPK for short, was founded in 1996 in Zhongshan City, China. Today, the company employs over 1,200 people. OPK boasts a very high degree of innovation. Today, the company holds more than 200 national and international patents.

On a production area of 50,000 square meters, the company manufactures sliding door fittings for furniture doors, room doors, room dividers, and shower doors with a load bearing capacity of one to 300 kilograms. The fittings are available both undampened as well as dampened on one side and on both sides.

OPK fittings are characterised mainly by their smooth running and silent damping. Moreover, the promise to customers is optimum service, expert advice, and the best product.

The products feature German quality standards. They are produced on European machines and systems and tested according to IOS, using the latest materials and technologies. The tests of the products meet even higher standards than those of other manufacturers. OPK is thus comparable to the European top brands. This is also due to the very high production depth – from toolmaking to plant construction.





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